Winter Tyre info

Published on 18 January 2024 at 19:19

Is your car ready for the colder winter months

When searching for a new set of tyres, you’re confronted with decisions even before you know which tyre to buy??

Which tyre type do you want?

Will it be the jack of all trades, the all-season tyre?

Or will you be placing the benefits of winter and summer tyres above them?


Winter tyres have a different tread pattern to summer tyres wider grooves and narrow slits at the edges of the tread area, which combine to give better grip on snow and ice. The second difference is the material the tyre is made of winter tyres are a softer compound of rubber which makes them grip a lot better in the colder months.


Winter tyres use a different material which stays soft and grippy to well below zero. Tyres made with this rubber will carry either a snowflake or a mountain as a symbol on the sidewall.

Winter tyres will not cause a car to fail the MOT test, however they do have drawbacks in terms of storage and cost.


A compromise solution available to drivers who want some extra grip for the winter, but don't want the expense or inconvenience of two sets of wheels is to fit a set of all-season tyres


So please people don't risk it get your winter tyres sooner rather than later 


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